Dr. Sam's Veterinary House Calls, PC "In Home Veterinary Care for your Cats and Dogs"


Dr. Sam's

Dr. Sam's Veterinary House Calls provides at home veterinary service for the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas (including Allentown, Bethlehem, Fogelsville, Easton, Hellertown, Northampton, Bath, Orefield, Macungie, Alburtis, and more.)

The house call fee is based on driving distance from Emmaus. Please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email with any questions you might have, or for a full estimate of services. You'll be surprised at how affordable veterinary care at home is!

  • Mailing Address
  • Dr. Sam's Veterinary House Calls, P.C.
  • 3440 Lehigh Street #307
  • Allentown, PA 18103
  • P: (484) 809-9838
  • F: (888) 276-9870
  • drsamvethousecall@gmail.com
  • Medication & Specimen Pick up or Drop off Address
  • 860 Broad Street
  • Suite #108
  • Emmaus, PA 18049
  • Note: No appointments are seen here - animals are not allowed in the building. Please call in advance of your visit to ensure that someone will be in the office to receive you.
  • Phone & Office Hours
  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 1pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed
  • Appointment Hours
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 9am - 5pm
  • Tuesday: 12pm - 8pm
  • Friday: 9am - 4pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Due to the nature of house calls, patients are seen by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call Monday through Friday during our phone hours. Calls received outside normal hours will be returned the following business day. Evening appointments are available if scheduled in advance.

Payment via cash, check, or credit card is required at the time services are rendered. I will provide an approximate 30 minute arrival window, and will make every attempt to contact you should I be running late or early.

Dr. Sam

Dr. Samantha Ottinger

My name is Dr. Samantha Ottinger also known to my clients as Dr. Sam. Following my graduation from Texas A&M University in 2004, I worked in a small animal clinic in San Antonio, Texas for a year. After deciding that the Texas summers were more than I could handle, I relocated to Allentown, PA in 2005.

After working at several veterinary clinics in the area, I decided to start my own house call practice in 2010. My goal in starting my own business is to provide quality veterinary care at home with minimal stress to my patients. I treat every one of my patients as if they were my own, and strive to give my patients the best care possible. In the event that the illness is beyond what I am able to care for in your home, I will ensure you are referred to a hospital that can continue to provide the best in care for your pet.

I set out to become a Veterinarian because of my love for animals. Naturally, I have several pets of my own: Keechi (Australian Cattle Dog), Butternut (Husky Mix), two cats (Lulu and Yuki), and a mustang that I adopted from the bureau of land management named Casper.



Jess lives with her family in the Lehigh Valley which includes her husband of almost 20 years, her daughter, her son, and all of her animals (a horse: Surprize, a cat: Pixie, and a dog: Dunkin). Her family and animals are her world, but keep her on her toes. Before becoming a mom she worked locally as a vet tech. After a long break of being a mom, she is excited to have the opportunity to help with animals again as part of Dr. Sam's team.



Laura graduated in 2011 from Bucknell University where she earned a Bachelors degree in Animal Behavior. She has worked in a veterinary hospital and dog training facilities to help treat health issues and behavioral problems. She currently resides in Cherryville with her family and 4 dogs (LJ - a pit mix, Washington - a brittany spaniel, Casey - a chocolate lab and Diablo - a chihuahua/dachshund). Her hobbies include dog training, gardening, and volleyball.



Lisa is a graduate of Penn State University. Although her background is in the arts and entrepreneurial endeavors, her passion for animals has led her down a new path as a veterinary technician. She is excited to learn all she can and meet many four-legged friends along the way. She lives in the Lehigh Valley with her menagerie of fluffy cats (Riddick, Harry, Furiosa, and Ophelia), goofy dogs (Toki and Starla), and her fellow feline/canine enthusiast husband.

Why House Calls?

Why House Calls? Veterinary house calls allow patients to be examined in the comfort of their own home environment. This can alleviate the stress typically associated with taking your pets to the vet. Most animals will become stressed after being taken out of their environment, being transported in a car, and then being subjected to strange sounds, smells and people. An animal under stress may exhibit elevations in heart rate, respiration, temperature, and can exhibit changes in their behavior. These changes can mask the symptoms being presented at home or even create symptoms that were not present previously.

House calls are also a benefit to households with multiple dogs and cats. It is much more convenient for a household with a busy schedule to be able to schedule one appointment for all their animals to be seen at once, as opposed to having to pack up everyone and take them in to a veterinary clinic.

House calls are also beneficial to anyone with limited mobility or someone who does not does not have the ability to easily transport their animals to a clinic.

House calls also allow the doctor to be focused on the patient and the client during a visit because the normal clinic distractions are not present during a house call.

Overall a house call is less stressful for both the owner and the pet.

In home services

  • Examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Bloodwork
  • Fecal checks for Intestinal Parasites
  • Heartworm Test
  • Cytology
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Medical Disease (ear infections, skin infections, diabetes, renal disease, etc.)
  • Senior Wellness Programs
  • Behavioral Consultations
  • Microchipping
  • Euthanasia (Private Cremation is available)
  • Ultrasound
  • Hospice Care

Services provided by Dr. Sam's Staff at Easton Animal Hospital

  • Radiographs (X-rays)
  • Surgery (spays, neuters, mass removals, and other minor surgeries)
  • Transport service is available for your animal for an additional fee

Hospice Care

Hospice Care Providing a good quality of life to our patients is paramount in the field of veterinary medicine. As our pets age they can develop chronic health issues that can slowly decrease their quality of life. Many of these problems, like pain from arthritis or cancer, can be managed for a time to help maintain a pet’s quality of life. We at Dr. Sam’s Veterinary House Calls strive to help our older patients enjoy their last years comfortably. We believe in-home visits for older pets can be the first step toward helping with their quality of life; they won’t have to struggle with getting in and out of the car or sit in a waiting room full of strange smells and odors. In-home treatment can be more consistent and less stressful for your cat or dog. Your companion’s happiness is of great importance to us.


When our cats and dogs no longer respond to medical intervention, veterinarians strive to make their remaining days as comfortable as possible. However, despite our best efforts at pain management and environmental modifications, our dogs and cats might not respond to our treatments and recommendations.

While it is never an easy decision to make, we often need to help our patients end their suffering in a caring and compassionate way. Here at Dr. Sam’s, we are able to perform humane euthanasia in the privacy of the patient’s home, in both a familiar and comforting environment. Once it is established that euthanasia is the best choice, we discuss the process with our client in detail so that all parties know what to expect and feel comfortable with the decision.

Our process is carried out in two steps. We first, and most importantly, sedate the patient. The sedation is similar to anesthesia, so the cat or dog is relaxed and unaware, and does not feel pain or discomfort during the entire process. After a few minutes, we administer the euthanasia solution. Once the solution is given, the patient’s heartbeat and breathing will quickly stop. We want to make this a peaceful and loving procedure, and do our best to respect all our client’s wishes. You may hold your pet during the process if you wish, or simply be near. Your preferences are important to us, so please feel free to share your feelings with us.

We also provide a complimentary paw print and hair clipping to serve as a keepsake. Upon owner’s request, cremation services are available. If a private cremation is selected Dr. Sam’s staff will personally return your pet’s ashes to you.



Regular clients can order heartworm and flea prevention, as well as regularly prescribed medications and foods simply by calling or emailing Dr. Sam. Prescriptions can be sent directly to your home!

By ordering medications through Dr. Sam you still get the manufacturer guarantee that you do not always get when ordering prescriptions online.


My co-worker near Philadelphia would tell me she had to leave work and go home, the vet was coming. I never heard of such a thing... Thus began my search for a Veterinarian that made house calls.

We have two aging dogs. A small beagle cocker spaniel mix named Spunky that's 14, and a large Shepherd mix named Jack that's 11.

Taking them to the vet was always stressful. Took two of us. The 30 minute commute, plus clean up was never anything we looked forward to. The dogs were stressed from being in a different environment with some stranger poking and prodding at them. Looking back, a regular vet practice was way too impersonal. We were just another 15 minute slot in the appointment calendar.

We have been using Dr. Sam for about a year now. We recommend Dr Sam to everyone that listens. She's kind, caring and truely an animal lover. She'll take the time to let your animal adjust and get to know her before she beings her stress free examination. She takes care of all their medications, vaccinations and blood work needs.

Twice now she's visited for emergency calls. And is always prompt at returning calls or an email.

We can't tell you how pleased we were to find Dr. Sam, What a fantastic idea to have a Veterinarian make house calls. We love having Dr Sam as our Vet. She's our Veterinarian on wheels!

- Donna, Spunky and Jack

Dear Dr. Sam,

Mikey and I would like to thank you so much for healing Mikey yesterday. Your quick response to my phone call made me feel so peaceful. And as soon as I heard your calming voice on the phone, it made me even more peaceful and you reassured me that you would be able to take care of Mikey.

I have been searching so long for a Vet that is as caring and compassionate as you, Dr. Sam.

Mikey doesn't like everyone and you made him feel so at ease with your tender and caring ways.

He is feeling so much better this morning, and all thanks to you for knowing just what he needed to feel better.

Mikey and I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful, knowledgeable and caring Vet in our lives now.

God bless you always,

- Mary and Mikey

I have two huge Golden Retreivers (Big and Trina) and they are quite the handful. I was referred to Dr. Sam by a woman I met who only had the most wonderful things to say about her care. I gave it a shot and never regretted it.

Dr. Sam came to my home, which in itself is a huge relief with two huge dogs to try and handle at a vet clinic, and she was quite personable and amazing with my pets. She was also very thorough, making sure my babies were up to date on all immunizations and medications, without over charging me for things they really didn't need. If I had any questions or concerns after the visit, I could email her or call and she always responded in a very short time frame. I have and still will highly recommend her for your pet's care.

- Kimberly, Big and Trina

On Dec 1, 2009, I met up with a dog transport from Louisiana to pick up my new foster dog. She was a little scared when we first met, but that is understandable, as she was in her pen for about 14 hrs & was never anywhere but at the Sanctuary with her siblings. Now she was alone & with a stranger.

Once I got her home, she continued to be a little 'scared' & would not come out of her pen, so I laid plastic all over the floor & put sheets on top of it, hoping that she would come out & go potty on the sheets... When she finally came out to potty, I saw the blood in her urine. I called my regular vet that I have had for over 20 yrs, he said I had to bring her in...

Well, there was no way I was going to drag this poor dog out of the house. I'm not sure how I got Dr. Sam's name & number but I did, I called & left her a message explaining my problem. She called me within an hour & immediately came out to my home to care for Dakota.

Thanks to Dr. Sam, Dakota was able to recover stress free.

- Betty and Dakota

Just want to let you know how happy we are to have found you. You do a great service. Coming to the house means a great deal to me. You certainly saved my cats life. She now has a good quality of life. You and your staff are very caring and kind to the animals. Thank you for all your kindness and great care.

- Joan and Mittens

Dr. Sam has been a life saver when it comes to the care of my four-legged children. Cassie, my domestic long-hair cat, is quite a handful, becomes so upset when I put her in a pet carrier that I was postponing routine care for her until I met Dr. Sam. When we had to have our 'granny' cat of 18 years euthanized, Dr. Sam took care of it with the utmost professionalism and tenderness. (Having had to go through this ordeal in another veterinarian's office a few years ago, I was shocked at the difference between the two experiences.) Our beloved Cosmo left this world while in the privacy and comfort of her own surroundings and near the people who loved her. Dr. Sam provides an invaluable service and I don't know how I could continue to properly care for my cat without her.

- Mary from Bethlehem


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